Commercial Law / Companies

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Εμπορικό Δίκαιο

Our Law Firm has been active in the field of commercial law for a number of years and undertakes the establishment of companies and offers consulting services for the organization and operation of enterprises on a daily basis, with the preparation and drafting of contracts, the observance of the minutes of the boards of directors and general assemblies. In particular, in the field of Commercial Law, our Law Firm undertakes:

  • Issuance of payment orders based on checks and other credit securities
  • Compilation of objections, requests for suspension of payment
  • Legal advice on issues of security
  • Establishment and organization of any kind of company
  • Dissolution and liquidation of any kind of company issues of temporary administration
  • Trademark securing - providing advice on industrial and intellectual property issues
  • Preparation and provision of legal advice on issues related to trade representation, distribution contracts, franchising, leasing, exploitation contracts, etc.
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