Civil Law

Practical & Aimed Legal Solutions

Our Law Office also provides excellent and complete legal information on legal issues related to the subjects of civil law and specifically to:

Property Law

  • Real Estate Purchases - Sales – Land Registry Checking
  • Consultancy for Investments
  • Lifting underwritings-mortgage
  • Contractors – Establishment of horizontal property
  • Lawsuits of possession attack or disruption
  • Ownership lawsuits
  • Applications for correction of registrations of the Land Registry
  • Prefectural precautionary measures
  • Lawsuits for distribution of real estate

Family Law


Inheritance law

  • Providing advice on will issues, special issues of hereditary succession (trusts, bequests, etc.)
  • Lawsuits for infringement of legal inheritance rights, wills
  • Lawsuits for inheritance property

Law of obligations

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